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perfecting this

My name is Renee and I am perfect at being imperfect. I am an imperfect wife, mother, and hero but I am perfecting this mess. 

This blog is an invitation for you to journey with me as I homeschool my children, learn more about health coaching, and grow in my faith. 

I still haven’t figured it out and if you’re here, you might not have either. But let’s journey together, let’s perfect this mess. 

Perfecting this mess

let's do this together

this MESS.

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It's a puzzle how to fit prayer in. But there are 5 ways a busy homeschooling mom can do it!
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5 Ways on How to Pray Busy Homeschooling Mom Style

It’s bound to happen that prayer can slip from the radar as you balance all the things: homeschooling, laundry, cooking (apparently the kids like food…so weird! 🙂 ), cleaning your house (in my case staring as the piles grow) and…
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