May 16, 2019

Top 3 ways to KNOW that your Homeschooling Year was a SUCCESS

My head is often filled with doubts.  Doubts not just about homeschooling but about how will I survive this day if “x” happens, did I really turn off the stove or am I imagining it, or questioning my sanity with what I take on! You name it I usually think I can do it…and then doubt my sanity for saying yes! 

I finished this year!! Was it a successful year?

But here’s the rub…what if I am more successful than I think?  What is the judgement of that? I mean after all even though most of my meals wouldn’t wow any judges on a cooking show I can tell you right now I’ve heard the murmering of a delighted “mmmm…” from my little audience on occassion.

So apart from from a standardized test which may or may not measure what a child has learned how can I tell that my homeschooling year was a success?  Check out this article here, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development outlines what they feel are pitfalls of standardized testing and judging what a child actually has learned.

What's the test for a successful year?

Well over the course of my little year of homeschooling I can say that I am starting to learn just how I am going to measure the success of my homeschooling adventure!

Top 3 Ways to KNOW that your Homeschool Year was a Success:

1.You are successful when you dream!

Here's an idea! Keep dreaming!

This is no small feat.  I started out this year SCARED.  I pieced together a plan and had an idea of how it might go but I was nervous, what if this didn’t work? What if they don’t learn anything? Something changed by the end of this year of teaching.  I’m thinking of what if I expanded this topic to include something more hands on? Would they react differently if I let them choose “x”?  I switched from survival to dreaming!! I finally am in the trenches and seeing the possibilities…learning how they think and learn and seeing all the ways we can grow and expand their desire for a topic.  Did we learn everything perfectly or know something where we could repeat it back line for line…absolutely not!  But the gears have shifted and so have the outcome for more learning in the future!

2. You are successful in Homeschooling when you find your backbone!

Heading a different direction than the rest

In many ways I have gone against the grain by even attempting this.  I KNOW homeschooling is not for everyone but I am convinced that this is a good fit for my family right now.  I feel in some ways I felt a need to somehow justify my decision to complete strangers as they pointed out my kids were not in school during the normal school hours.  There is a little batch of courage that stems from making an unpopular decision (which even though homeschooling is on the rise is still not the mainstream).  I feel you need to know more, to defend, explain, or navigate conversations as if to convince people around you but the here’s the kicker confidence in yourself and your decision leaves you NOT needing to do that (unless you want to). 

3. You are successful when you develop perspective.

How can you measure success?

,A year of school has ups and downs, good days and bad days…so how can you tell if it’s a good year?  I think you learn from the bad, bask in the good and decide to continue today! It’s not over till it’s over! So you learn from a failed style, or a stressful book and then you adjust.  I think it’s successful if there is even an inkling that you want to try another day at it! :) That’s right try! Ask for help, have a good cry, call up a seasoned mom or read an insightful blog (lol I’m so humble! just kidding) and then you decide you want to get back in and try again!

So there you have it, measure your year, was it a success? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you measure your year!


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