May 2, 2019
Momma Corner

The Top 10 Ways to Recharge the Homeschooling Mom

It’s spring and we feel the itch…not the itch from finally shaving your legs…I may or may not be guilty of that on occasion but the school’s-almost-done-did-I-just-see-the sun itch!  And like all teachers we’re gazing longingly at the calendar counting down.  Now to all you homeschool all year long parents…you rock on a whole new level so feel to take a break from my sonnet over taking breaks.  

But as that end is finally in sight I have noticed that I’m a little more burned out as there is the final push to get all the things done.  True true my littles don’t have the grueling final book reports to submit but there are still things on my check list that are still in need of completion.  

It’s NECESSARY to recharge.  After all if we don’t recharge we are a shell of something. Let’s face it being the mom full time and the teacher full time pulls a little something extra from you

So here it is…My Top 10 ULTIMATE Recharge list for the Homeschooling Mom!

  1. Pray! I know…I know …not in vogue but He needs to be the focus.  At least in my journey of life…and homeschooling…burning out means I need to surrender what I’ve been holding onto ever so tightly as something is not working.  It’s hard to stop…I get that.  But stop before you are stopped from lack of energy, frustration etc. because you feel too broken. Give your struggles to Him.
  2. Plan a technology break. Trust me I’ll miss you too but we have access to ALL the things on our phones and lap tops…which include unwanted stresses and unwanted opinions.  It’s cool to turn them off…There’s a million reasons that we often feel the need for technology but there are reasons we might need to reevaluate how much time we spend online.  The University of Melbourne explored different ways that technology is effecting us here.  
Take a break from these useful things!

3. Go out in nature.  I mean a walk feels amazing …sun..fresh air..(unless you’re my daughter who dreads them)! It is spring time and I’m finally able to get out on my deck for a couple of minutes in the mornings when it’s not raining and do a simple yoga stretches!  Pretty much changes my morning even no one else really participates.

Exploring near our house!

4. Connect with your child(ren)! I know! I know! You spend every waking moment with them and I’m telling you to spend more…but here’s the deal.  Most times when we’re with our kids there’s an agenda.  School…check. Laundry…check. Dinner…check.  Just be with our kids… ???  And since they are so much part of our days (more than the average bear) we need to make sure we reconnect with them so we our very important relationship with our kids stays strong and we have open communication!

The girls went out for a date!

5. Disconnect from our child(ren). That’s right…adult time is good time!  I’ve fallen in love using the Marco Polo app.  I know..I know…why talk about an app..but it lets me do little video messages with friends and family (fellow adults!) and I feel still connected when I can’t get time out of the house without my kids.  But if you can find that sacred time away…jump at it.  You may think you don’t need it but chances are you probably do.

6. Schedule in music.  There is so much to this.  From allowing your mind to wander…to connect with something and music helps you feel something (happy…sad…release etc.) I find it amazing how something as simple as music can be so transforming..I really connected with so many personal stories about music’s ability to help people here. My music therapy usually involves dancing wildly in my kitchen or bathroom.  How about you?

7. Recharge your body.  Chances are that if you’re mentally burned out your body is also feeling the stress.  Smoothies are awesome as a quick combo of nutrition for your body!  

8. Create something.  Often times we’re in routines whether job…teaching style…rhythm of our day.  Try a recipe you’ve been meaning to try.  Or practice styling your hair.  Or find a simple thing you’ve pinned on Pinterest and give it a go and send the results to a friend for a laugh!

9. Connect with a friend.  Go out for a glass of wine and giggle.  You know that thing that bubbles up from the back of your throat that isn’t a yell! Let go of the stress and connect… true that might mean venting as well but make sure to laugh! 

10. Plan something! Whether you’re thinking vacation or a date night with your husband…planning gives you something to look forward to and gets you excited for something!

Planning a date is a great thing to help you reenergize!

And there you have it 10 glorious ways to recharge.  And true even though you are antsy to be done, chances are that if you can recharge now you’ll be able to be more present to finish the school year up strong! 

Rock on mommas and make sure to pick one way to recharge for you this week! What are your favorite ways to recharge yourself?


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