Feb 8, 2019

The reasons I decided to homeschool is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

The journey was long …do I or don’t I. This person is sending to preschool down the street.  Her other little friends are already have been in school and have been since 3.  Every parent has to ask these questions and I kept saying “I have time… I have time” but with people asking you “where are you sending Stella to school?” I felt a lot of pressure to come up with an answer. 

So I could have chosen to homeschool out of fear after all any time you watch the news there’s at least 2000 reasons you should be fearful. I could have chosen to do it because wanted to control all of things around my child and be the ultimate puppet master…but UNLESS you are diabolical that reason doesn’t make any sense because your children will end up resenting you. 

So even though my husband loves to tease me I started making a list and asking myself and my husband some questions.  

What am I trying to accomplish with her?  

What curriculum should be do if we decide to homeschool?

How can I schedule my day so it works for my whole family?

What are the benefits of homeschooling versus a traditional school?

I knew tons of reasons NOT to homeschool as the world, neighbor, bartender (yes that’s happened to me!)  and pinterest will tell you!

So let’s count down to the most important reason on why I chose to homeschool!

3. Culture

It’s no joke that where your kids learn (school or home) is a culture…just in the same way that your family life is its own culture.  Our kids are sponges and it doesn’t take much to see how they are influenced.  I can tell you after one play date with other kids if the kids are a good influence.  If the kids are kind to each other and play well versus chucking toys at their heads and yelling the entire time.  My kids emulate the behavior usually within that afternoon.

Contrary to popular opinion…homeschooling parents are just wanting to be control freaks and want to shelter from the world.  The desire to set a good culture for them to learn in isn’t a controlling thing or soley an overprotective thing.  Contrary I’d rather not control every little thing…but to give as safe an environment to learn…ask questions…and grow in merely what I’m hoping is a fun and loving environment! 

2. Learning Style

 No one knows their kids like their parents! They can tell you quirks NO one can pick up on except that parent.  I can tell you by a chin nod when Stella is feeling sad even if the tears haven't come yet.  The goal I am hoping is to take those quirks and use it to the best possible ability.  Find the time that works best for Stella’s learning, combined with what interests her and figure out her best motivation so that in the end she’s not only learned something but ENJOYS learning! Because if she enjoys it…there’s no stopping her!

I’m not saying that teachers can’t do this…after all some of my best friends are teachers, and I know to what great lengths they go to find out these secrets about their students to reach them and empower them…but I also know how hard it is with as many students they have to do just that, with the 1000 other things on their to do list, with all the personalities that they have to deal with.  Not impossible but absolutely hard.

1. "Aha" Moments

The thing I heard from every homeschooling mom that I interviewed …oh yes, I interviewed people asking them questions on their curriculums to how they scheduled their day and in the end they all said the same thing…they stayed in the game for the aha moments… you know the ones, the ones when their kids got it!!

When their eyes glistened because they conquered the lesson, their minds were blown by something they learned and they kept on reading or exploring.  That’s the clincher on WHY I decided to homeschool…not because it’s cheaper (that’s not always true) or because it’s convenient (having three children around you 24/7 isn’t exactly convenient as so many other things are challenging) or because I stay in pajamas until the next morning (it has happened but not as often as you think).  It’s because just like my friends who are teachers in the traditional sense I’m excited to help a child (my child!) learn and explore this world! 

So if you're thinking of homeschooling…get out your pen and paper and make a reasons of why you want to! Because just like when you are trying to stick to a resolution you need a WHY…one that you’re sure of as there will always be bad days, nay sayers, and fears making you think otherwise.

What has brought you to consider homeschooling?  Comment below!

As always rock on momma and trust your gut!

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