Mar 2, 2020

The Interrupted Day: My 5 Top ways on how to survive Homeschooling Interruptions

Ask me what my favorite pet peeve is…go on ask…no not just yet…wait till I’m done with my sentence!

haha If you haven’t guessed it’s being interrupted.  And it’s not wholly on the fact that it’s rude to interrupt….it’s because I HAVE A TERRIBLE MEMORY! (and not to worry I’m taking my fish oil) No joke…if I get interrupted there’s a really good chance that I won’t remember what I was saying and then the story or the thought is just gone.  I’m pretty sure that my kids have sucked out my brain cells when it comes to this.

So now comes me …the terrible person who literally cannot remember what she was saying…is attempting to homeschool.  Little people. Who only know how to interrupt.  What’s a girl to do?!?!  

The interruptions aren’t the only problem because it’s bound to happen, after all I did mention…little kids, right?! :) How can you roll with all the interruptions that can and will find you when you are in your home rocking the homeschooling momma/dad vibe?  How can you react with grace and not just end in a ball on the floor?!

Let me tell you!

My top 5 ways to roll with being Interrupted.

Change my attitude.  

Even though I don't respond to the bells in the monastery, I hope my response to my kids can be calmer!

A mom I know told me that when she gets interrupted multiple times during the day that she tried to respond like the monks in the monastery who stopped and responded patiently to the bells that called them to their various duties.  Instead of bells I got toddlers screaming “Poop” and “she’s breathing by me again.” haha

But she is wise.  Our attitude to interruption can be vital for making things go smooth or it can make it make it into a feisty battle (internally or external).  

I know when I go into an interruption… a fight…whining…ready to “fix this” mommy ninja style, then the interruption takes a lot longer to deal with because it never goes smooth.

Rather taking the deep breath figuring out the consequence or just listening to their big feelings (as my daughter would say) can help diffuse the interruption.


Would I love to get through an entire reading session before I have to change a diaper? or move the laundry? Or get another snack?  

Heck yes, but since that probably won’t happen…I need to change my priority on my lists of to-do and focus on the “meat” of our must haves for the day.  Let’s be honest the extra art project I had planned probably can wait.  As can the laundry, cleaning up the piles of rice that keep appearing out of no where and even answering my phone.

It’s not setting low standards…its setting realistic goals for where your kids and you are at.  

Reset Mentally.

One of the tangible things I add to my days on occasion are lavender! Promotes calm for both my kids and I!

Honestly this is the hardest part.  The mental jump from on the right track to <INTERRUPTION> and since at least in my house our interruptions are battles of one kind or another, chores…wrestling…whining…it takes me time to get back to what we were doing.  

So here’s what you need to remember.

Remember this interruption doesn’t mean your lesson, your day or your
school week will not be good.

1. Lavender and Chamomile.  I love the teas and I love the essential oils! If
you need help remembering some calm these are my go-to herbs that I
love that help promote calm!
2. What Inspires you? Your student? Set Goals to reach…they can help
plan or inspire you to get back at the lesson or task ahead.
3. Take a deep breath…there’s science to back me up how emotions and
how we breathe can pair together. Check it out here.  So before you worry
or worry your day can’t regroup…take a breath.

Leave yourself clues.  

I mentioned my terrible memory right?  Well as I’m often interrupted I leave myself clues on what I was doing…and what needs to get done.  Queen of the post-it notes.  But that helps me remember so that when an interruption happens we can stumble back to what we were doing and piece together our lesson until the next interruption happens!

Can't remember what you were working on? Post its baby!! Lifesaver to the busy brain!

Remember why you are doing this.

 I know it seems cliche but here it is.  Remember WHY you chose to homeschool.  I’m sure some feel they are forced to homeschool from an outside force but most of you who are rolling up your sleeves and have chosen this as the way you want your kids to learn.  

That being said you get to help facilitate the environment.  If you’re in your homeschooling time that is blocked off for teaching make those interruptions the teachable moments!

A fight.. boom.

Make that the teachable moment.  Our kids get a lot of those teachable moments.  Hug it out kids. Throwing rice on the floor in every direction. (Boom…teachable moment!) If we throw things we get to pick up things.  

I say Boom because it rocks my day! But since life, not just our school day, is full of interruptions we might as well teach them to learn from the interruptions.

So here it is a day of interruptions…so go on…start your lesson, get interrupted and not to worry you got this with an arsenal of ideas to make your day get back to where you want it! How do you best deal with interruptions?


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