Jan 25, 2019
Momma Corner

The Graham Cracker Riddle

No shower. Husband traveling.  Desperately needing a shower.  You get the drift and hopefully you’re not down wind! 

Other kids were still napping so I grab a graham cracker for my littlest and put him in the bathroom with me hoping between the nibbling and gnawing that this magical graham cracker will buy me the couple minutes I need to no longer repulse fellow humans when I vacate my house.  

So even though I’m in a hurry I lay out a bunch of fun toys and trip into the shower.  

One second.  Now two seconds.  A whole minute… I relax…until his blue eyes peer in.  Now he smiles at me and my heart melts…First from the joy in that little face and then it melts as I know what’s going to happen next.  

That stupid magical graham cracker AND my freshly clothed son come toddling into the shower with me.  So now I am struggling to hold his little hand,  finish…who am I kidding…START to get myself clean and he is simply loving being in the shower WET!  

As I hurry to finish…I step out and look at my shower which now has a wet baby…(who now wants to be dry) as his little curls are just matted on his face… and graham cracker everywhere! Awesome.  It’s a mix of cracking up at how ridiculous this all is and wanting to cry as I now have something else that needs to be cleaned sooner than later and all I wanted was a shower! 

Was it worth it?!!! Well the grocer might think so as he had to deal with me but I had some doubt.  I messaged my sister and she wasn’t sure it was worth it!!

I think that’s my day most days when I set out to do a task that is quickly undone by someone or something coming my way.  

A friend told me that she hated having a girls night out because she came home after and it looks like a bomb has been set off in her house.  So she’d rather stay in because it’s NOT worth it.  Even though everything in her is screaming that she needs the time away, talking to other adults. 

But in the end, I think most things ARE worth doing …even with the wet soggy graham cracker at our feet because we are doing what we are called to do.  

So even in this homeschooling attempt where we as parents think…”Are we doing all we can do?  Saying the right things? Teaching the best way possible?” I think we still have to try even if it’s not as picturesque as we might hope!

Part of our journey isn’t the fact that everything goes right but rather that we tried.  I often think …what lesson do I want my child to learn?  Because if I want them to learn it I have to practice it.  I want them to learn to never give up but more importantly to rock the journey…and yes that means all the speed bumps.  So how can I possibly rock the days that end in an extra chore(s)…sopping wet curls and graham cracker goo?  

Try.  Pray.  Ask for help.  And remember that perfecting this mess…isn’t about not having a mess…but wading through it and putting on the effort!  So even though no one besides God might see your effort, I think it’s still worth it! 

Rock on mommas and keep trying!

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