Feb 21, 2020
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The Feverish Debate: Do you let the body have a Fever or Not?

It’s not a surprise that sickness season is upon us and the chill is in the air, or the fever I should say.  Over our Christmas break my kids got a fever.  But the question remained what should I do about it?

I realized that this was one of the first times I didn’t gnash my teeth and wonder …hmmmm…should I give Ibuprofen or not.  Why? Because for the first time ever there was no debate in my mind…it’s time to support the body and let’s kick this sickness without the typical over-the-counter medicines.  

This was a major break through for me…and for those who know me the au natural route seems just par for the course.  However the RN in me, screams more often than not, “Don’t forget the protocol!” When I worked in the ICU it was protocol that as soon as you got a fever you’d get a blood culture, get a dose of an antipyretic (ie. ibuprofen etc.) to get that fever down quickly, and of course dose with an antibiotic even though we had no idea what bugs we were fighting were.  Now in that system…it seemed essential and of course when I became a mom it seemed just as essential when I noticed a climb on the thermometer.  The only addendum was probably calling the pediatrician.

Then it dawned on me…and I wish I could say when it happened.  But what if…just what if…the fever was a good thing?  I know it seems crazy… so I started to dig.

What I discovered was that the research shows here that giving an antipyretic (ie. ibuprofen, tylenol etc) did not make significant differences in fever recurrence, infection, antibiotic therapy etc.  Despite that the standard practice everywhere in any hospital you visit will be to squash that fever, just as I was trained.

With most things that feel like a negative to our body…pain…fever…rash…it is the body’s natural way to communicate that it is fighting something…it needs help. Dr. Danielle Moncrieffe talks here about how having a fever can be helpful because when the body spikes a fever it is the body’s way to fight an infection…triggering white blood cells and antibodies to work on said bacteria or virus.  

So if our body uses that trigger to bring in the cavalry to fight the infection and we squash the fever which is the call to arms, will the body create enough antibodies to squash the infection?  There is more call for studies to evaluate the correlation between a fever and the necessity/or lack there of for antipyretics with a fever.  

As I’ve already stated I’m not a doctor, I’m a mom and nurse who encourages you to look into the research yourself and if you have questions call your physician.

So whatever camp you lie in…the “give-the-antipyretics-as-soon-as-the-numbers-climb” camp or the “let’s-ride-this-fever-out” camp it’s important to support the body as it’s working through a fever or cold.

So how can we support the body in when it gets a fever: 

Here are my top 5 things we do in our house to help the body when it’s fighting something: 

  1. Vit C- So here it is…my favorite go-to way to support the body.  I’m not just talking a little gummy vitamin C or even my beloved elderberry syrup (which tastes amazing and is potent with vitamin c) but I’m talking professional grade ascorbic acid.  Did you know we are one of the few mammals that do not produce our own vitamin c?  Mind blown! Ok check out Dr. Suzanne Humphries vitamin c protocol here she’ll give you her case reports of how she kicked whooping cough with vitamin c, myths about vitamin c toxicity, and what brands and dosing for kicking some nasty bugs! 
  2. Vitamin D- Now remember vitamin D is not instantaneous as far as how it helps your body so build this one up daily or weekly (monthly doesn’t seem to help as much according to the research).  But if you live in the north like me..it’s pretty easy to guess you’re not getting enough Vit D.  And isn’t it interesting how in the winter when we get even less vitamin D we are more prone to sickness.  Dr. Mercola is one of the leading researchers on Vitamin D and has so much to say so if you want to learn more explore what he has to say here.
  3. Less Sugar- I know it seems unrelated to an illness but here’s the kicker about sugar. Sugar creates an inflammatory response in the body so especially when my body or my kids are fighting something I limit the refined sugars.  I still feel there is benefits from whole fruits but run from the white stuff. If you’re eager to learn more about the yo-yo effect that sugar has on your body check out this article here on just some of the ways sugar plays with your body.
  4. Sleep- A no brainer but it needs to be said.  Sleep.  Even if you can’t fall asleep rest as much as you can.  A drained body seriously is your clue to rest…don’t ignore it! Yeah mom's I'm talking to you!
  5. Homeopathy- I explore most different types of health aides and hands down homeopathy will be in my arsenal of things to help with illnesses.  If you're interested in learning more I direct you to Joette Calabrese here and her numerous years as a seasoned homeopath.  So the homeopathic remedies I reach for with the sign of fever is Aconite 30 c on first sign of an illness (given every 3 hours for 4 doses.) And then Ferr Phos every hour when a low grade fever presents. It never fails to make a fever a short lived thing.  

So trust your mom gut, support your body and of course if you have questions call your physician or children's pediatrician.

As always I wish you not only happiness but health this winter as you might encounter those bugs that always seem to go around.  This time though I hope you have an arsenal of ideas on how best to support the body if it gets a fever!

- Renee

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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