Jun 20, 2019
Momma Corner

3 ways to beat the PRESSURE of creating summer memories

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the fact there is a short summer stint and it feels like the parent's role is to create the unbeatable list of summer memories? A friend of mine told me that she was tired of reading blogs out there that emphasized that there were only 18 short summers that she had with her little kids.  It changed the fun prospect of rolling with the summer to “I. Must. Create. The. Perfect. Summer.”

No pressure at all to create the summer memories that your child will hold on to forever. (sarcasm dripping!)

After all when our kids are older we want them to remember fondly that they had these rich…songs singing around the campfire, enthralling adventures with mom and dad, and kumbaya-ing all the live long day! 

The girls creating summer memories by making donuts
The girls creating Summer Memories by making donuts!

So we do what every pressure laden mom does with a good old dose of guilt does…we make a list.  

Not just any list…but THE list.  You know the one that has all of the activities that you loved and that you can’t wait to share!

A lot of times when we make a list it suddenly becomes overwhelming to us.  For example, I found the “reminder” app on the phone which is great at reminding me of stuff HOWEVER it tells me the number of things that I have to do which is always stressful! 

So here's my 3 Tips for making your Summer Memories List NOT overwhelming:

  1. Prioritize the top things you want to do: There are always a couple things that just make the summer…summer; whether it’s your annual family picnic or picking your favorite fruit when it becomes in season. But with the quintessential things that make the summer…not everything is on that list. So be honest with yourself to make the things on your list realistic ones!
  2. Showcase the Things you Have done: When we see lists it can become overwhelming but it’s equally important, especially when we have a big list, like our summer lists, to showcase all the things we have done. Then it helps us remember all the things that we have done and our focus is more on savoring and being grateful for what we’ve done! Some ways we can do this is use post-it notes on a wall or kids mirror so they too can recount and gush about the awesome things they’ve done!
  3. Summer Memories are Not on Your List: I know I know…I spent all that time talking about lists…but here it is. Kids memories (especially when those kids turn into less youthful kids—-ahem like myself) memories are highlight reels! It’s true that my Stella and Sophia can recount some of the strangest obscure memories but in the end they focus on the feeling of something. It wasn’t that we went to that super special thing…it was they felt happy at that super special thing with someone they loved, which is what made it so super special! Today I was at a park and a mom gave her son the option of going to ice-cream right now or spending another half hour playing tag with her at the playground. What did he pick? The time at the park! After all that mom was playing with him!!

Post-Its are da bomb to highlight Summer memories!

So there you have it… dare I say it, a list later…you have the base of making your own list and three ideas to keep that list where it belongs on a paper not occupying every crevice of your being.

Just remember, super mom, being present and sharing in what ever activities you decide to do is going to make this summer epic I know it! Tell me, what's on your summer list!


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