Oct 17, 2019

Space Themed Lesson: Preschool + Kindergarten

Hands down this has been one of our most fun lesson weeks.  I pack so much into our weeks but it helps gear our weeks if I pick a theme so we’re not just getting stuck in a rut with letters, numbers, and reading.  Important yes, but since it’s a slow process to see the fruits of that understanding we help pack it in with themes.

There are poems, bible verses, and crafts which step things up a notch and even though my kids get into all of those other lessons they definitely remember the most from the theme especially if it piques their interest.

Space has always drawn my interest especially when I spend time outside on those starry starry nights sipping some wine or cocoa (depending on the season) guessing at constellations and musing the season of life we’re in.

Anyways I digress…Space! 

So since our Morning Times are packed full of books we packed our week full of space books.  Some silly and of course some with actual information.

A stack of books to start our exploration of space for preschool kindergarten.


This was a partial list of all the books we poured over during our space themed week! I love pulling from my library.

- What Are Stars? by Katie Daynes

- Blast Off! by Shelly Unwin

- The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space by Lonely Planet Kids

-The Skies Above My Eyes by Charlotte Gullain

- Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney

- The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk

- What’s Out There? by Lynn Wilson

- I am Neil Armstrong by Brad Meltzer

- Dogs in Space: The Amazing True Story of Belka and Strelka 

by Vix Southgate

-Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 by Brian Floca

The kids favorite book this week!

I think the book that the girls gravitated to the most during this week was The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk.  It was written in a silly manner even including poor ol pluto in it and explaining small facts about each of the planets.

My favorite book this week to read!

I personally really liked the book I am Neil Armstrong by Brad Meltzer! I thought it was a cute cartoony explanation of the mind of Neil Armstrong.  How he needed to stay calm during certain situations he was put in, his interests as a kid which fueled his interests as an adult.  Not too mention it was neat explaining to the girls that he was born here in good ol Ohio.  


There is so much you can do for space.  We talked about the rotation of the moon around the earth.

Activity: Go outside at night and look at the moon. With little ones just figuring out the shape is a great start.  As they get older explaining how the full moon is there and that the sun is just reflecting on a certain part due to where the moon is like a mirror.

This also looked like  fun activity which we didn’t do because I forgot to buy the cookies but hopefully when I’m bored some day we could do this to explain the lunar phases.

Activity: Talk about the seasons.  We took out our globe and talked about the rotation of the Earth and why it is getting colder now.  Stella was the only one who really grasped this…but ever since then she’s mentioned several times on her own how the Earth is tilting away from the Sun which is why it’s Fall now.

Great activity to arrange the planets in order
Dominic had fun practicing dexterity arranging the planets.

Activity: Arrange the planets in order.  I was going to make my own planets but decided in lieu of time that this made more sense.  It was a great dexterity challenge for my littlest who was thrilled by all the “balls”.  I bought this from Amazon and borrowed some of daddy’s golf tees and we had a blast practicing the order of the planets.

Stella arranged the planets in order which was a great lesson for kindergarten.
Stella had a lot of fun arranging the planets!

Activity: Shoot off your own rocket.  We broke up this activity in two days.  Day one they just colored the rockets so I could get them ready for launch time the next day.  To see the full activity with free printable go check it out here at this link.  

We made some rockets and had them "blast off"! Super fun!


Again there are so many videos out there on Youtube but here are a few that we picked to drive home some of the points we were talking about.

This was a little song that helped talk about order of the planets.

This was a fun song talking about the order of the planets!

This was a video to show how the lunar phases of the moon happen.

This was a video to show how the lunar phases happen!

Like I said I feel like there is so much you can talk about when it comes to space and I loved that inadvertently we could tie in talking about the changing seasons since the earth’s rotation affects our seasons! 

I hope your space week is just as fun!


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