Jun 6, 2019
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Plant Power: Lesson and Kid Review

Plants are all around FINALLY in Ohio and it's time to take advantage of it full scale with an awesome lesson! Super easy and super silly if you have a crew like mine.

Gather as many flowers or variety of plants that you want!

Materials: You can make it tricky or super simple like I did!

  • 4 Paper Plates
  • Several different kinds of plants ( I just stuck with flowers-- but depending on the age you could make it more challenging with different plants)
  • A pen

How to lead this lesson:

There's no wrong way!  

Option 1: Let them tear the pieces of the plant apart, which let's be honest they love to do anyways!  And you can simply comment as they go explaining the different functions of the plant.

Hands on activities with flowers are an awesome plant lesson
Dominic doing what he does best!

Option 2: You can explain the different parts of the plant.  Label the paper plates with the words "STEM", "LEAVES", and "PETALS" and then they have to sort them accordingly.  You can just verbalize what the plates say for your non readers.

Parts of a flower are a great hands on tool to understanding plants in this simple homeschool lesson
It's great to write the words on the plate even for your non-readers!

Option 3: You can spread out this lesson over several days with different videos to explain the different parts of the plants.  Then follow it with Option 2.  

This is one of the videos my kids watched prior to this activity!

No matter what option you choose I'd add the bonus round of questions where they have to answer.  

Great follow up questions:

Simply tailor them to the age of your child(ren)!

What do the roots do?

What do the colors of the flower indicate to bees?

What things does the plant need to grow?

How does the plant create food?

Watch my kids and their review!

So there you have tons of fun with only minimal work! And I think they might have learned something after all! :)

I can't wait to see your plant power activity!  Share how you changed yours and what your kids thought!


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