Feb 14, 2020

Look up: Preschool + Kindergarten lesson about clouds

Well where we live it’s just a a bunch of clouds…rarely sun but clouds of every kind!  Especially the ones that just stay for most of the year.  Sigh is it summer yet?! So let’s build a lesson around that! 

Right it’s all about using what you have!  Not too mention my husband always looks up the weather and tells the kids exactly what the weather is going to do that day.  I however will find out when I step outside. :) Let’s air on the side of cold and go from there! My mother trained me well to dress in layers and voila I now rarely use weather apps which has not helped my hair on several occasions!

So this week was pretty simple simply because I was able to point outside many times throughout the lesson at the windows and have the kids run and tell me what they saw.  Anything that gets them running I will use…after all I still have much of this winter to burn off much pent up energy!  


SERIOUS INFORMATION BOOK:  Breaks down what makes clouds up, the shapes, wind, and of course lightly touching on the water cycle where it all stems from.

Clouds by anne rockwell

One of our more serious cloud books for the this weeks lesson

National Geographic kids clouds

I love the pictures in this cloud book!

Shapes in the sky a book about clouds by Josepha Sherman

Clouds, rain, clouds again by Lawrence Lowery

WHIMSY BOOKS:  I don’t love just serious books and always try to find a couple of whimsy books on the same topic to keep the kids interested.

Little cloud by Eric Carle

This wasn't my favorite of the choices but definitely a classic of Eric Carles!

The cloud spinner by Michael Catchpool

I just loved this book as did the kids!

Cloudland by John Burningham

This was so fun, the girls kept whispering what they could do if they got to ride in the clouds!

The cloud book by homie de paola

Sophia liked this one!


You can break this down any way you want but I loved just doing a little bit each day to add some flavor to necessary reading and math lessons!

We would read 3-4 of our book choices and don’t be afraid to read them again after all it will help them retain the information!

Then we would add a hands on activity!

The two I settled on this week was a simplified cloud craft of sorts. 

I found this poem and I apologize that I don’t know who created it to give them proper credit but here it is.

I would love to give proper credit to whose poem this is...it is simply adorable!

And yes I sang it. I sang my little heart out!

So we sang the song on only three of the different types of clouds.  I didn’t realize just how many there are until I started reading several of the books.  Then we did a hands on project to show the clouds!

SUPPLY LIST: cotton balls, piece of paper (i used a cut up poster board-so it’d be a littler sturdier) and a marker.  Crayons are optional at the end.

Just simple supplies for this project!

 Then we sang the song again and then they put the clouds on the page roughly by the correct words for the clouds that I had drawn out already.

At the end the kids could draw some trees under the stratus clouds to help us remember that the stratus were the “low and layered” clouds.  No joke as were driving in the car a few days later my daughter started asking if the clouds were low and if I thought we were going to get a storm.  It was great that she could take what we learned and look outside and apply it!

Second thing that we did was make fog since fog is a low cloud.

Now I can give credit to the right person here.  It was a simple experiment that brought on some mist but the concept was there.  Especially when Stella said “Mom we just did an experience!” 

Love it! Yes you did! 

Videos to support this topic:

Other Topics You could add to this if you want to make this more involved: 

How to make a Snowflake

The water cycle

What do you wear in different types of weather

For older kids

How to read a thermometer

What’s the difference between F and C

So there you have it! A lesson! whef! Now go take a nap! Relax the work is done!


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