Mar 27, 2019

Let Me/God/Me Lead

So in college I finally tried swing dancing!  I thought it went well but at the end my friend Michael, turned to me and said “Renee, you got to let me lead!” 

My salsa dancing crew back in the day! I'm the tan one in the back...I'm tan no more! :)

What?! I thought I was letting you lead!  

I mean sure our hands felt more like tug of war than my hands resting in his but I thought that’s what dancing was.  Insert a few more dance lessons over several years and I finally figured it out! I could dance with an excellent dancer and I could dance with a terrible dancer and we looked more in sync than what that first dance lesson looked like!

How? I let him lead. It seems like such a passive thing to let someone be in charge of your movements…but truly it is quite the effort. There is being attentive to the movement. There is READING the often subtle hand gesture that means a certain move and then there is DOING the move. HARDLY passive by any means.

Letting him lead...

And yet with all my ability to dance, the lesson was lost on me.  

I’ve been consumed with anxiety over where our world is going.  The hatred that people harbor, the quickness to jump at each other if their view is different.  That’s right!! Shock that if someone disagrees with you it is apparently grounds to hate you, shun you, and drag your name through mud.  Not have a different opinion and go your own way.  

So where have I let this lead me?  To anxious thoughts.

So in talking to an amazing priest I know I expressed my anxiety.  And he told me that I need to let Jesus lead.  He recounted how on the road when Peter told Christ that he would defend him if anyone tried to kill Him, Christ told him “Get behind me Satan.” The priest went on to explain that Christ did not correct Peter because He didn’t appreciate his friends desire to protect him, but it was necessary for Christ to lead Peter, as Jesus alone knew where to go.  

The priest’s advice… let Jesus lead me.

Letting Him lead me finally!

It is not easy to do that, because allowing someone to lead you takes a lot of concentration and your consent to be led!

My prayer for you this Lent and always is to let God lead you. He’s got a plan but even more than that, he knows that if you let Him, He can make stumbling steps as flawless as a dance, because He knows the moves.


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