Mar 14, 2019
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The Kids Tell it all

Kids really do tell you anything you want to know, no matter how humbling for mommy! Whether it is what mommy was wearing the other day or how mommy always calls her brain "mush", my kids will tell you anything! Including how school is going!

Homeschooling, for as much as I asked, interviewed and studied is an evolving mix of what the child needs to learn.  So there is a constant ebb and flow (even though I might have desired more of a structure.)  So the hope is that rather than me platter on, on how I think a certain lesson goes, I’m going to let my kids do it!  It’s time to get honest.

Not every activity I try works!

I know you’re just as shocked as I! If I’ve put forth the effort surely my kids recognize and respond to that. 

But obviously they are all individual learners and so my sense of study might not be theirs.  So I’m going to try to swallow my pride and lay it on the line if something I try works or (shocker) doesn’t work.  

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try some of my failed activities.  After all different learners…different ages…all could lead to different results!  And maybe you’ll find my insight on what went right or wrong could make your experience even better.

When I tried to make sourdough…I literally had 1 failed attempts with a gluten sourdough and 2 failed attempts at a gluten free sourdough…and in the end with never truly mastering a finished product.  Someday I will own that…but today is not that day!

Anyways my encouragement to not be afraid to fail! If any of you have seen pinterest fails you know that given the right font..the pinterest fails become the meme that can make you chuckle! 

So fail courageously and let’s see what our children can learn from the activity or the failure itself!

Subtraction Smash

Today’s Activity: Subtraction Smash

Concept: help them in the understanding of subtraction plus have fun with play dough

Tools: play dough, and dice (or a homemade version like I show)

Time: forever …as play dough activities are never quick! :) It resulted in us playing play dough for an hour afterwards! 

Result: good…it’s a great activity that is tactile as well as educational…and the kids loved the play dough.  I did find it a little overwhelming because my 1 year old wanted to eat the play dough and crawl on the table but if you don’t have that distraction I could see it being a lot easier and going a lot quicker! 

Kid Review: They liked it.  A little simple for my 4 year old but perfect for my 3 year old! The 4 year old loved the play dough and if nothing else it was an awesome break in our morning!

Subtraction Smash review

See how we played this game with my kids! Have you tried this? Any techniques that worked better for you!

Here in the trenches! -Renee

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