Mar 7, 2019

How to overcome the homeschooling slump in 3 steps

Homeschooling parents can have a lot of fears in addition to the usual legitimate parenting fears or the nonsensical ones that we conjure in our minds (like will their face really stick like that? :).)  And here I am again facing another fear.  Am I good enough to teach my kids? 

Battles without (as in all of my kids are going through some sort of challenging phase) have suddenly rocked my world and confidence within.  After all I am one person how can I simultaneously battle all the new phases EACH child is going through.  Geez even Rocky didn’t have 3 against 1 battles every day.  And then on top of it throwing in school on top of it.

Every school has their own uphill battles but homeschooling is unique.  I would sit and list all of the challenges but you know them already!! The battle I’m facing now is not just all the unique phases of new behaviors my children are going through but the HoMeScHoOL SLUMP…ugh did chills go up and down your arms.  It did for me! 

The homeschool slump means...

So my rhythm of my schooling is not working.   But this is what do I plan to do about it.  As a health coach I can tell you that when it comes to setting goals that if something is NOT working and it’s not just motivation than it’s time to re-strategize.  I don’t believe people are notoriously lazy.  There are just sometimes techniques that don’t work for every person and so like setting goals for myself, I realize the flow of what I have set up for my child isn’t working for all of my kids.  After all even though my goal is to school Stella, I still have to do what is collectively working for the house.  

So I stopped.  I was terrified to try again …even though I know school is a necessity so is the mental health of mama.  So back to the drawing board.  

3 Steps to redesigning the broken plan:

  1. I started to pray.  I know I’ve mentioned this study that I’m doing right now called Keeping In Balance….amazing.  Every week has resolution challenges to help facilitate the lesson learned and here it is!  “Are you praying about what you are complaining about?” Ugh…no.  I’ve managed to talk about it at nauseam with my husband and friends…my mom…basically anyone who will listen to me.  I’ve sat up at night thinking endlessly thinking about it…combing pinterest boards to help me and still nothing.  Ahhh… the simple step which I missed.  Prayer.  So every day this week I’ve prayed.  I’m surrendering my schedule and this schooling to God.  As I’ve already drawn out vividly I’m no Rocky so I need to trust that He’s got this and He can guide me!
  2. Now that God is back in the picture let’s get to the logistics! TOO MUCH!! I have crammed in many subjects for our day.  I don’t know what homeschooling parent doesn’t want their child to learn and do all the things!!  Which realistically can’t happen…at least not while little Dominic is in tow.  He doesn’t understand why we love to sit at the table so much…which is why he has figured out to scale the table and sit right on top!  (sigh) I need tape for his butt!  So I’m going to make more of my subjects LOOP.  What does that mean? We work on it as we have time we work through it…versus assigning it a time every day…which since Dominic’s schedule has varied as he is adjusting himself to a different nap time every day has caused stress…as either I am putting him down to nap while we were supposed to be doing a loud activity.  So in order for me to be “flexible” since this is not my strong suit. Having a rolling list…that just steadily repeats will be a better fit until we are able to have a better schedule with naps.  Not too mention this will help us accomplish more one day and maybe not as much the others.
  3. Attitude and Implement.  I need to change my attitude from fear to adventure.  I’m not going to lie that this is the hard one.  When my attitude is that of fear or holding back my kids know it…just like when I know how they are feeling with a tip of their chin…they know me pretty well as well.  So my plan to get back into school is to implement more games and songs and of course books!

So even though my schooling with my kids has not gone well every day …it has gone right a lot of the days and so I need to bring it back where I started…on my knees, a little more prep, and then putting it into action! 

Time for adventure..

Many prayers for you Momma. I hope my strategy on how to overcome the homeschool slump is just what you need! 

Here in the trenches!


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