May 24, 2019
Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning the blog means establishing new goals, figuring out habits for the summer and dare I say it sunshine!

What's going on right now for Perfecting this Mess?

Blogging in the early morning!

Believe it or not…despite having blogged regularly for awhile now I am still adapting as to what I want this blog to look like…what I’m hoping to share…too be honest there is more I’ve wanted to do from advice videos, kid projects and fun outlets…but between school on the winding down end of things and my computer being on the fritz occasionally it’s stunted my ability to let loose and creatively I’m still navigating certain avenues.  

A fun thing that is coming is my brother has been working on logos for my blog and has finally designed something amazing with a graphic designer that I feel encompasses my name totally!  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Where are you right now in school?

S'mores make celebrating that much sweeter!

Well we are officially finished up school!  When I talk to other homeschool moms many were already done… but I decided to keep the lessons going for another week until the sunshine officially in more in swing at the end of May.  

I’m excited for a break even though I love the routine of homeschooling. I don’t think the kids even really understand it as this is their first summer break from homeschooling BUT I’m hoping to make it special for them.  They have been asking for a sleepover for a while so to celebrate the end of school we did a sleepover in the basement! Of course I didn’t sleep well. The next morning my oldest said “that was so fun when are we doing it again?” Ugh “After mommy catches up on sleep!” 

What new changes are coming for you in the summer?

So even though we are going to be on summer break I’m finding as I’m learning and establishing myself into homeschooling that there are a lot of things to try so summer is my experimenting time.  Last summer I experimented with a Spanish co-op which failed as soon as the school started, ironically.  

This summer I’m hoping to experiment with a classical curriculum.  I’ll delve more into that soon…what it is versus other types of styles of schooling and see if it fits our family as well as I’m anticipating it will.  Then I’m hoping to experiment with a new Spanish method for my kids and see if this way would be more interesting to them.  After all I am not a native speaker nor did I ever personally study Spanish so I’m in uncharted territory on how best to reiterate it in our home.

Working out…and chores are coming more to our house in the summer!  I’ve slowly been adding work out times to our day…which has been fun.. sometimes the kids join in my workouts, sometimes they tackle me during the workout…and sometimes they leave because I’m boring but all of those are good as I prioritize it because I find it’s essential to my week!  

Chores…I’d love to hear your feed back! I am finding the need for paid chores in our house for the kids to earn money.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it! Any ideas???

I ended up buying a magnetic chore chart from amazon so we’ll see how that works out! As a side note, my one year old took it upon himself to learn the word “money” as I was explaining the chores to the girls! haha

I hope this shows you a glimpse of my life behind the curtain and I hope that you can find the beauty in your homeschooling mess as well, whether you're still wrapping it up or going strong!


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