Sep 19, 2019
Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog- School is Back in Session

What’s new this school year?

Ahhh….so much.  This year I’m doing a multitude of things…a new curriculum to start with that is going to be the baseboard for our year.  We are trying to add some classical memory work into our school day.  We are also trying an online “school” for spanish.  Last year I pieced together our spanish program from a variety of online resources but I’m eager to have lesson ideas and FUN spanish speaking videos for the kids! I’ll let you know how it goes.  We’re also joining in a co-op this year which will be a new addition to our weeks!

A book I read mentioned picking a theme for your school year, and this is going to be mine!

Have you fallen into the Pumpkin Spice trap yet?

Ahhh it’s no secret that Fall is one of my favorite seasons but surprisingly I haven’t succumbed to pumpkin spice everything. A friend of mine is smart to remind me it is not Fall (even though I’m donning my sweatshirts already) until September 21! Although now that I’m thinking of it I should do a little baking! ;) 

Mmmm... I've got my coffee ready ..

What are you stressing more this homeschool season?

Too be honest my most stress is incorporating the memory work but I also enjoy our morning time with the kids and I think once we get into the rhythm of this year it will be enjoyable for them to be able to see benchmarks simply by what they are able to remember!

I love that despite his age, Dominic loves our Morning Time and loves to read with me.

What are you stressing less this homeschool season?

I’m stressing less of what we will get done each day because I have the experience of even a year to know that our days will fill up with questions, answers, and exploring and that by the end of the year they will hopefully be just as excited with learning to keep on exploring even without my prompting!

I give them a start to learn and then learning leads them to explore on their own!
Even something as simple as a leaf led to lots of questions and even an art project!

What's one thing going on in your family right now?

The buzz right now is all about my little brother getting married…between getting dresses for the big day (that’s right I’m rocking the bridesmaid dress again!), to seeing the exciting city of Nashville …to the climax of seeing my little brother ride off into the sunset…it’s been what everyone has been talking about!

Soon my brother gets to ride out into the sunset!

So even though most things are status quo in a lot of areas there are new changes with getting our feet wet with the new school year! I'm eager to get deeper past this first month!

How are you feeling about your homeschooling experience now that you're a couple of weeks in?

As always in the trenches of this beautiful messy homeschooling journey,


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