Dec 6, 2018
Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog - Part Deux

What are you struggling with right now?

I think juggling it all.  Even though I strive to keep things as simple as possible the holidays inevitably get away from me a little bit. Anyone else?  Other than that I’m trying to avoid baking Christmas cookies until the possible last second because otherwise I want to eat them all and then I’ll have to make more… a vicious cycle! :)

My other struggle involves homeschooling! I’ve hit a rough patch wherein the method for which we were running our day has failed miserably.  Literally has brought me to my knees.  Prayer anyone?  So I’m praying.  Is it me? Curriculum I’ve pieced together? or something else I’m not seeing? Back to the drawing board!

Latest favorite meal to make?

Uhhh …anything in the Instant Pot! So I’ve never been a routine person when it comes to meals…but I’m finding that once a week my brain and prep time need a break and Instant pot it is.  Literally it’s one of the few kitchen tools I’ve not regretted buying.  I’m the person that tried so many fancy Pampered Chef tools and even though I had the best of intentions I don’t cook as fancy as some of those tools are supposed to make your meals!  So keeping in simple is where I am at!

Favorite songs right now ? 

It’s funny but my Spotify is over run by kid genres but lately I’ve been craving my salsa music! Back in the day before kiddos I tried my hand (or feet) at salsa dancing! Super fun even though I can’t say I was an expert it was so much fun! So even though Christmas music is in full swing here, I’m craving my salsa jam!

Are you hoping for anything for Christmas?

Honestly no! If I’m being honest with myself I always want a little something…but this year I truly don’t want anything and I hope my hubby sticks to our “no gifts” rule! How about you? Anything you’re hoping for?

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