Jan 3, 2019
Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog in the New Year

What are you struggling with right now?

No joke, the cold! It hasn’t been a bad winter so far but dang I’m cold.  Even though Ohio hasn’t caught the drifts that some of my friends have caught to the East I’m just cold.  I went to a baby shower the other day and a lady at the event offered to take my coat.  I joked that I don’t take off my coat until June…and she became indignant that I was implying that her house was drafty! Oy! No seriously I’m cold!  Always!!! Ask my hubby …he has to experience touching my cold toes!

I’m actually over the hump of indecision and wrestling how to approach school so now I only have excitement! I’ll keep you posted how and what the changes were to my homeschooling approach!

Did you set New years resolutions?

So I’m super dorky and not at all popular in trying to set goals for myself but there it is, I did it! I can’t help it…once you become a health coach…it’s game over! So I set the goals…everything from health goals to financial goals…I know…I know totally unoriginal. The secret I use when setting my “January goals” …I start them in December! It’s a mental strategy I guess…because then I feel like I have a running start. Whether or not it sticks I don’t know but I’m going to give it a try! I’m always curious, are their other goal setters out there?

365 new days

365 new chances


Any new learning curves to the Blog?

Actually yes…just doing it! I know it seems like I have a lot to say but here’s the kicker…it doesn’t matter if I’m cooking in the kitchen or exercising…if I can’t involve my kids it’s not going to stick and that even includes things I’m passionate about …hello homeschooling.  So one of the aspects I have to figure out is how to involve my kids more…because frankly this isn’t all about me…even though a lot of it is…as I’m the initiator of our days.  Any ideas on how you involve your kids more into your days?  I mean as a homeschooling mom you have a tendency to have them by you …ALL THE TIME….haha it should be super easy!  So if you have any ideas on how you’d love to see my kids involved …I’d love to hear your ideas!

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