Mar 13, 2020
Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog in March

What's New to the Blog?

Honestly everything.  It’s not a surprise to anyone least myself that last year I failed with the blog.  I had progressed…faithfully writing every week until I didn’t.  Then nothing.  No progress.  I really love this creative venue and yet something happened.  I didn’t have a plan! No joke…my day to day is so busy that if I’m going to build and share and do this awesome thing that is literally at my fingertips…my plan or previous lack there of needs to change.  So now after a few sketches and I’m sure more to come, I have a plan!

New Year Goals were just about my attitude. Everything else will follow.

So new attitude.   Check!
New design!                      Check!
New goals!           Check!
New camera!         Check!
Old sass!               Check! (I mean it can’t all be new!)

What types of goals did you set for the new year and did you fail yet?

So many goals! No just kidding.  Honestly I feel like my mindset is the only thing I want to change and then everything else will follow.  Goals with the blog, health goals, etc. will fall in line if I can just go for things without fear.

I didn’t realize it because I don’t feel an anxiety of anticipating but I had a fear that has stopped me from doing a lot of things.  The fear of simply voicing what I want because it seems too big.  Or the fear of stepping out in a creative element  because of how much work it will demand.  Or the fear that if I do go for something that I might fail.  

It's time just to create! That's the only way to move forward!

Yet little unspoken fears have been keeping my back and so I’m doing everything in my effort to silence those and give them little time when those ideas roll across my mind. Sometimes even saying “No!” out loud if I need to!

As a positive build up to that negative fear, my husband and I talked about our vision board.  Sounds totally hokey right?! But I think if you know where you want to go you can get there if you’re on the same page with who’s in your life.  So we just said our dreams and what we see for our little family!

So no I haven’t failed yet simply because I’m taking it literally a day at a time, I think for the first time ever.

What’s New to the Homeschooling journey?

Lots of little things needed a facelift for our homeschool year.  Over break I took some time to look at where my girls were with math and reading and then decided we needed a change.  

We are making progress on reading across the board although I’ve stopped pushing us forward so much as making them repeat and repeat certain words and books we are going through so they truly feel comfy before we move on to the next set of words.

Math was an interesting one and Stella was my catalyst for a change.  After evaluating where we were…I realized that she could do a lot from memorization but when it came to putting an abstract idea of a number together that she was struggling.  So I decided to add uniflex blocks to our math day…so we can make things a little more concrete…and now having been back to the school days since break she has a confidence back where she keeps saying “Go on mom try to trick me!”

Adding uniflex blocks has helped our math days!

We also added some online classes.  They have been great to switch up our days….you can do ones that are completely offline or you can do ones with a live teacher or ones that are ongoing or one-time! Truly a fun addition.  The girls got a kick out of seeing a man talk to them from the computer!

Now the kicker has been Dominic, my spunky little boy child who wants to be in everything!!  He’s bored and needs some time from me too I’m finding.  So two big changes happened.  #1 My amazingly talented husband decided to build him an activity table where there is a lot of his toys…and it has the flexibility for play dough or to be a water table etc.  Still creates a mess but at least it’s not on the table we use for school.  #2  I started working with him on his colors and saying the words for colors.  He definitely doesn’t speak as much as his sisters did at his age so I’m trying to give him the space to have his moments.

I realize after I write this that SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! haha..but that’s the best thing I think about homeschooling is that when you see the need for a change you can facilitate the change!

What are you binge watching on Netflix?

My latest binge watching was The Repair Shop.

I just finished watching The Repair Shop which was this cute British show that showed how they repaired antique items! It was awesome and I adored their accents as they went through their different amazing talents repairing all sorts of items! It makes me want to get my hands dirty!

Well that’s it for March!  I hope you’re staying warm and not bored as this cold chill keeps us locked up for yet another week!! ARRRRGHHH….is it spring yet?!


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