Mar 21, 2019
Behind the Blog

Behind the Homeschooling Blog in February

What are you struggling with right now?

To be honest it’s the balance.  I think no matter what hats we wear… a working mom… a stay at home mom…a homeschooling mom…a mom is a woman who is balancing (or attempting in my case) to balance it all.  So it’s nothing glitzy or glamorous but the house needs to be cleaned, laundry done, and children need to be relatively clean and all the rest, you know it because you’re doing it too! 

Rice two ways! My gluten free rice starter (on the left) and soaking some rice for dinner.

What’s the latest health avenue you’re researching?

So I’m new to the world of fermenting. i have tried fermenting garlic and carrots and of course my lovely kombucha but then I did the big one…the sourdough.  My family is gluten free but I had this hope if I could ferment a lovely bread then I could maybe eat it and not puff up like a whale. So I did it! I made the bread… the starter went fine.  The recipe for the bread was terrible the first time.  The second time I nailed it…it was awesome.  Then I made sourdough waffles…amazing!  But sadly I still puffed up like a whale so then I went for making a gluten free sourdough bread.  The starter went fine…the bread turned out fine…but it hardened up like a rock over night and it sadly used all my starter.  So now I’m taking a break!  I will ferment bread again…especially to get those sourdough waffles again! Yum!  But for now I pick my battles!

Gluten free sour dough!

What’s your favorite music right now?

My favorite music right now…is anything beachy! I’m craving spring like there’s no tomorrow.  Warm weather sign me up.  Even if that starts with 40 degree days…I’m ready! So yes, we’re jamming to the Beach boys… (I am my parents…it was bound to happen)…weezer…and anything else that reminds of vacation.

Speaking of vacation where are you guys going to vacation?  I’m dreaming of a beach! Any recommendations for a family?

Still plugging away! -Renee

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