May 9, 2019

5 Ways on How to Pray Busy Homeschooling Mom Style

It’s bound to happen that prayer can slip from the radar as you balance all the things: homeschooling, laundry, cooking (apparently the kids like food…so weird! :) ), cleaning your house (in my case staring as the piles grow) and the numerous social events as spring and summer quickly dominate the calendar!

As I write this post…I’m furiously typing, sipping coffee…and praying (see how I fit that in there) that the baby will stay asleep to at least 7 so I can complete a thought.  And as you can tell already those thoughts are a bit scattered so please let me complete a thought baby boy.  

 Prayer.  To be honest this is a struggle.  Not a struggle of desire usually (although that does happen) but a struggle of how do I fit it in to my day.  Despite my lack of sleep these days (as my kids take turns finding ways to wake me up)…there are days where I feel like there is still not enough hours in the day.

Why I can't kids take turns!

So something…and I mean prayer in this case, falls to the wayside and come Sunday I lament that I didn’t put more effort in through the week.

Right that’s all it is is effort?

Wrong! Despite what we might think, effort is only part of the equation that is prayer..because prayer is actually a relationship with God that takes a response.  A dialogue, not a monologue.  A conversation! But the question even with the proper understanding of what prayer is…how do we fit it in?

Here are my 5 Top Ways How to Pray when you’re a busy Homeschooling Mom:

  1. Ask for the Grace to Pray.  The fact that you even bothered stopped to read this post says that you are DESIRING to pray which is amazing!  That’s an awesome indicator that your heart can feel the whisper because that’s how God works often is with a tug on the heart.  Now the response to that whisper can simply be “God I want to pray more can you help me find the moment to do it!”

2. Look at your day or better yet listen for it!  So before you get up in arms and say “Renee, I’ve done this…I don’t have a minute to myself to pray,” just wait and let’s look at your day!  If your first step is a cup of coffee… put an index card or post- it note by your coffee maker.  As the water warms let the sound be your indicator it’s time to pray.  

In Catholicism, before the mass was in English, it was in Latin, and the Church specifically added bells during the Transubstantiation so people would KNOW just by a sound that this was the climax of the mass and if you were asleep or distracted that it’s time to pay attention!  

It’s no difference to pick a sound in your day and make it your cue (annoying dog that wakes you up every day, water brewing for your coffee, husband getting up for work etc). So if the coffee pot isn’t your first stop figure out what is… shower (you lucky dog you!), alarm… just wherever you can just pause and lift your mind to God.  Even though your day doesn’t have to start in prayer…if you do it can totally shape your day with a different focus.

Listen for whatever cue starts your day to pray!

3. Pray with your kids.  One aspect that I held on to even after having kids to was MY TIME and I lumped prayer into that.  Unfortunately it created bitterness…not necessarily for my kids but for the time that was no longer my own.  Which news flash it really never was mine but back to that another time. And essential as it is for you to have that one on one time talking with God praying with your kids allows you to first to put prayer time into your day.  Secondly it allows you to share your faith with your kids.  I think the most powerful thing we can do is invite.  Lastly, praying with your kids shows them an example of how to fit prayer into your day and the importance of it.  As you know your example speaks volumes! (more than the words that actually get spoken in this moment!)

4. The Car—- Radio silence- Hands down one of my best kept “secrets” is car time.  I remember this vaguely as a kid but before the radio goes on we pray! It’s short and sweet but it can be a prayer we’re working on memorizing (hey homeschoolers never stop!), a simple decade, or something that we’re thankful for.  Best moment was yesterday when we did this as I even asked Dominic who he wanted to pray for and he said “Daddy!” Heart be still!

Radio silence can be a tool to fitting prayer into the busy homeschooling mom's day!

5. Purple power!- Aka. Earplugs— I know the day is crazy! I know you are busy and the noise never stops.  So my last piece de resistance…earplugs.  As crazy as it might seem…putting some ear plugs in while I’m in the craziness…(as my kids are little so they can’t be really out of sight—I mean if you met my son you’d see how fast that kid moves!) I can take a moment (let’s keep standards realistic here) and close my eyes and continue to give God my day and probably beg for more patience and not just more opportunities for patience.  

6. STOP trying to fit it in! Wait what?! I know! I know….I just said I can fit it in, in 5 steps!  But here’s the deal it’s the same whether we are talking food or exercise…if you have an unhealthy mindset to it, even a good thing can stop being a good thing.  We can do this with prayer and turn our conversation into just a check on our list of things to get done. 

It's a puzzle, how does prayer fit into your day?

Wanting to fit prayer into our lives is not a negative at all, like I said at the beginning it’s an amazing desire but have realistic expectations of what prayer is going to look like right now in your day and remember that it is a conversation that can get interrupted by your kids and life but remember just to prioritize the desire not just fit prayer into a box of how you expect it to go, and go back to number 1 and ask God for the grace. You’ll be surprised how prayer will become a part of your day! 

So in the end there are not just 5 but 6 amazing tips on how to fit prayer into your day!  Start small and pick just one (I’d pick asking Him for grace!) and see how prayer ends up blossoming in your day!  What are your methods for prioritizing prayer? Please comment, I'd love to hear!

Rock on fellow mommas! 


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