Jun 27, 2019

4 Things to Decide Before your Next Homeschool Year

There are a lot of things to think about as you start to plan your next homeschool year...books, curriculum, uniforms (haha just kidding).

I am in the process because <gasp> it’s almost July and I have to start turning on my brain to start planning our next year of school! 

So how do you even start the task of planning your school year?  

Here's the top 4 things you need to do to decide before you start the planning process and the 1 that might surprise you!

  Don’t be overwhelmed…let’s walk through them together!

4. Figure out the numbers.  Set how many weeks your school year is going to be?  Traditional 36…want to shorten it up or spread it out?  How many days do want to school during the week?  This might be influenced by if you work or want to do a co-op.  Some people I know consolidate their school into three days or some do a little every day so it’s just built into the day.  LISTEN CAREFULLY…there is no wrong way! So breath a sigh of relief…look at your schedule and just plan what works for you!

3. Budget baby.  Some people don’t think of this…(ahem myself last year)  but figure out what you want to spend on school.  The average cost of a private school is at an average of $7770…and at an increase to $13,030 for a private high school according to the national center for education statistics.  You can find that information here.  

Think about a budget for your homeschooling year.

Even though I didn’t decide to homeschool because of the cost…I can tell you that I did not spend that much year even when I wasn’t planning ahead.

But that being said budget what you want to spend on books (or a whole curriculum), co-ops, and memberships (I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have memberships to various museums when the weather turns crummy and we still get to get out and explore and learn)

2. Figure out your style.

There are so many different styles that people can learn something.  First try to identify yours.  Check out the 7 different styles here.  And even if you don’t know your child(s) style(s) yet keep them in mind as your year progresses because that will help you adapt your school to help them best excel!  

There are many types of homeschooling methods that work better with different types of styles of learning.  Everything from classical to Charlotte Mason to road schooling there is a type for EVERY learner! Check out the different methods here.  What resonates with you!?!  

And the #1 thing to think of before you plan your school year! How are you going to take care of your mental health during the year?  

I’ve yet to see any homeschool parent out there talk about this but every mom (especially a homeschooling mom) needs to put themselves first.  What? I know it doesn’t make sense as you spend most moments in mom mode, or teacher mode putting your kids first and rarely in just “hey-I’m- Renee (insert your name here)- a- woman” mode.

But consider now what makes you feel supported so you can build that into your school year.  

Is it connecting with a friend regularly?  A girlfriend of mine and I meet up once a month for coffee just to reconnect without kids at our feet.  

I schedule once a month coffee dates with a friend!

Is it connecting with your husband?  Schedule a standing date night where you guys connect as adults not just two passing ships in the night.

Is it getting the house cleaned?  Are your kids old enough to teach them how to help you clean?  Build in chores into your day so you don’t feel all alone in maintaining your house.  Is that not a possibility at this time, hire help to come in once a month or once a week to help  you maintain sanity in your house.

Is it having alone time? As a parent we are constantly having demands on our time.  Do you need weekly quiet time …talk to your spouse about how you can fit that into your week.  Or can you schedule a babysitter so you can go find time to pray?  

The number 1 thing to think about when you start your planning of a school year!

This year is going to be crazy...crazy good! With a little thought...a touch of planning and what's that word...oh yeah support I think you're going to rock this homeschooling adventure!

What can you foresee an area where you need support?


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