Sep 27, 2019
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Top 3 Reasons to Workout with Your Kids

So I was inspired to write this after talking to a friend of mine, the owner of Britt- Fitt  . Brittany is a mom of two sweet boys who took on the task of bringing her passion of working out plus being a mom and combining them into work out routines that incorporate working out with your kids.  

Her infectious energy makes you not only want to work out but makes the daunting task of working out with your kids seem doable.  If you want extra motivation to exercise, alone or with your kids, you should totally check her out here!

This is definitely a niche type of exercise combo as I know many moms who are overwhelmed by the idea of working out with their kids.  (My arm is raised as I was one of these moms!).  Brittany mentioned there’s a fear to work out with kids that even some instructors have to work through. 

Now I feel like I’ve tried it all in incorporating exercise into my life.  I’ve gotten the gym membership.  That however proved unsuccessful as baby #3 wants nothing to do with the variety of strangers I’ve picked out for him.  (can’t imagine why!) Try it again they say, and I do and in a short (or long) depending what side of the door you’re on..12 minutes they are hunting me down asking me to take him home.

How could this sweet boy not want to hang out with strangers at the gym so I can get in my work out?
It doesn't seem like he'd mind anything but hanging out with strangers while I squeeze in a workout is not a favorite of Dominics!

I have also tried the get up BEFORE my kids wake up thing and that was amazing…It was quiet, I got Me time and I got in a hard workout.  But then my kids have a built in monitor that says mom is having too many moments to herself and kept getting up earlier and earlier or just not sleeping through the night where it just became frustrating to attempt to get up before them.

I have also tried giving up…which led me missing my strength and energy from working out.

And here’s the kicker…I was focusing all this energy on taking care of me it created a resentment towards my kids that they wouldn’t give me time to do exercise.  But anything that is creating any resentment between my kids and I (even though it’s all on my end) had to go.

So even though working out with my kids was born from the fact the other methods didn’t work for me (and if they do work for you I think that’s amazing and maybe I’m a little jealous!!) I’ve learned there are a lot of benefits from working out with your kids!

So here are the top 3 reasons to Work Out with your Kids:

  1. Show ‘Em Baby- So part of it is seeing exactly what mommy/daddy does to work out.  Whether you’re it’s hiking, dancing, soccer it all requires someone showing you how to accomplish that task.  So part of it is learning how to work out and by visually watching you and then participating with you it has the follow through of taking a theory to something hands on.  
They learn from us!  

      My daughters love to randomly do exercises near me (not always what I’m doing) and will    say “Is this an exercise mommy? Is this one?”  Again turning an idea into a concrete example.

2. Understand Deeper. Yes, it’s true that these little eyes watch everything.  It’s not just about showing them how to exercise.  That’s definitely part of it.  But it’s like the follow through to any of the blanket statements that kids don’t understand, like it’s important to “be healthy” or “it’s good for you.”  As you know kids are very good with concrete ideas as they work out with you you are transforming a vague concept into something relatable. 

Turning abstract into concrete ideas!

      Not to mention that the concept of “monkey see, monkey do” is an aspect where they can witness the importance of something and see there must be a value to it because mom/ dad does it.  Check out this article by Michigan State University Extension shows how young kids follow an example just by watching something.

3. Going Mental. This is the big one for me!  So many positive mental aspects come from working out with mom/dad.  

There’s seeing that mom/dad are choosing to do something hard (hello, I’ve got 30 year old knees now people!) and that they must feel good after, because they keep doing it again.  

If your kids work out with you they will get to experience the lovely biological aspect of endorphins.

Legally Blonde says it all ..Endorphins baby!

Legally blonde fans where you at?? :)

Than there is the unspoken aspect of body image.  Ladies and Gentlemen it’s not a secret that we are so hard on not just how we view ourselves in the mirror and how we talk to ourselves; so by building ourselves up by actively taking care of ourselves, it shows our kids the worth and value they should place on themselves as well.

Bonding!  Oh man, even though I like “me - time”, we giggle a lot when we’re all working out (Those silly endorphins I tell you!).  Dominic is usually using me as some form of a jungle gym or I’m using him as one of my weights.  And the girls end up giggling as they attempt an exercise or show me how to do it better or giggle when I topple over.  Yep, the bonding is real folks.

I love working out with my kids!

So even though I only gave you my top 3 Reasons for working out I bet you could tell me a bunch more!  Have you tried working out with your kids? I don’t mean just lifting weights either…hiking, biking, yoga? I’d love to hear how your kids respond!


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