Apr 11, 2019

3 things You Don’t Need to be the Right Teacher for Your child

“Should I? or Shouldn’t I teach my child?” Do I have what it takes to be the right teacher for them? The discussions are varied, the arm wrestling debates in my mind were epic. Thankfully those can’t be recorded but in the end I chose to try homeschooling. So I spent tons of time researching homeschooling itself, its benefits, its negatives, and having lived through it I added my own experience to the list.

In the end though, even though I had gone through high school homeschooled it was on the receiving end of it.  Not on the facilitating aspect as the TEACHER!

Can I be the right teacher?

The daunting word…the daunting process that now stopped me in my tracks.  So where to go from here.  I had learned the gazillion things that I NEEDED to do to homeschool and be successful with it but was there anything I had that I needed to get rid of to make me be ready for the task of being the teacher?

I discovered by trial and error of implementing this with my kids that there are things that you don’t need to get started as a teacher.  So let’s unpack that load that’s bogging you down so you can move forward!

3 Things that You Don’t Need to be the Right Teacher for Your Child:

  1. You Don’t Need to have It All Figured Out.

So this was not explained to me before I started, so I adamantly had reviewed all the pitfalls (as best as I could find on the subject) and tried to anticipate it.  Like what if Stella didn’t understand what I was teaching in this book…what was the back up subject or back up text that I could get to fill it in.  What can I have Sophia do as I teach Stella? Will Dominic’s naps line up with my attempts to do more serious teaching with the girls?  Yep I thought I could figure it out…but then the kids didn’t fit the mold.  Stella zoomed past the material I had initially bought to teach her.  Dominic gave up naps and Sophia dove into the material I had originally figured out for Stella!?!?   None of which I had anticipated.  In the end, it’s exactly what needed to happen for our first year.  So unload the plan A’s and plan G’s…you’re going to have to be a little flexible!

2. You Don’t Need to Know every Subject. 

What?? Who is this crazy person! I have this amazing thing to tell you…even though you are the primary person that your child will see every day you don’t need to know everything. You don’t even have to pretend that you know everything either! My grandma always said “If you can read, you can do anything.” And Grandma was right…you can learn together with your kids! For example, we are learning Spanish together. I don’t speak Spanish and I didn’t study it when I was in school…I opted for French in high school and college. But as I study with my children and we are learning the words. You gotta check out Spanish Mama, she's been a great guide in teaching the little Spanish. I love when my kids ask “mom, how do you say this?” and I tell them “I don’t know let’s go look it up!”

Don’t stop with the wisdom of my Grandma.  The other amazing thing about homeschooling now is the resources!  There are tutors, online programs, co- ops, groups, satellite teachers etc that teach on the subject you don’t know!!  Pull them in…and make them work for you and you can teach your kids whatever they need or want to know!

3. You Don’t Need Perfection.

One thing I’ve learned in my short stint as a parent, that even when I mess up as a parent that I am the perfect parent for my kids because they are my kids! That’s right, even though I know my other amazing friends who are moms can rock the better meals, or have armfuls of more patience than me, that they aren’t the right parent for my kids because that’s what God called me to be. And the right parent for your kids is you! So rest in the knowledge you are not perfect, your kids aren't perfect and your school days won’t be perfect but together through the efforts of all of you, you can be the perfect mess that makes homeschooling yours!

Less on your plate! :)

So don’t you feel better that there’s less on your plate? :) Unpack any lies that might be holding you back and jump in to homeschooling! 

Perfecting this mess,


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